Portland, Oregon


I have been loading, loving, and coaxing cameras since 1971, the year my dad finally let me get my thirteen year old hands on his prized, German-made Exacta. I had my first gig that summer; The Homewood-Flossmoor Star sent me a $15 check for a photo of the carnival being set up at St. Emeric's School. Yes, I was the nerd who ran the projector. I actually knew what the numbers meant on most of the dials. Eventually, my reputation for mechanical fearlessness had teachers of all grades eagerly relinquishing their A/V chores to me. And even while meandering through my four-college, four-major odyssey, my campus jobs were always camera or A/V related.

Applicable Chronology: College-Biology-2 years. College-Photography-2 years. College-Electronics-1 year. Married (yep, we was pretty young -still married- what a woman!)-32 years. College-Communications (4.5 GPA)-2 years. Graduate. Job. Hated job. New job in TV. 10 years in TV. Go freelance photograph. Fatherhood at 40. Less freelance. Move from Chicago to Portland. Kid starts Kindergarten. Photo slow. Very slow. Kid finishes 5th Grade. Switch to freelance video. Good. Video good. Kid finishes 8th Grade. Kid starts college in 7 minutes! Need more video business!

Now, speaking of business...

I write, produce, shoot, direct, and edit small-scale, large-content videos.

My clients over the past few years have ranged from auto dealerships to dental offices; musicians to massage therapists. I have shot and produced DVDs for school plays and dance recitals. On-line demo videos for sports, music, drama, etc., have become standard for college bound high schoolers. Including a link to a well produced demonstration of excellence is a frequent component of this generation's application packet.

My skills are fairly comprehensive regarding production with the exception of complex animations. If you are seeking fun, energetic video in a tight, bright package, I can do that. But, if someone feels their message is better conveyed with a spot involving Motion, or After Effects, I have to steer them to another, more expensive producer. I can create backgrounds and shapes in Photoshop for simple animations, but beyond that, I defer.

If what you're seeking is clever copy, clean graphics, gorgeous field production, and dynamic editing --all for a frighteningly affordable price-- then here you are. And speaking of price. Many projects are not quotable until I get as much information as I can regarding production values, graphics, etc. I don't like budgetary surprises and neither do you. Here are the things I can quote.

A high definition web video (webvid) is $250. For this, a client gets a [roughly] two hour location shoot and all editing. The webvid's content is discussed well in advance of the shooting date, and the client is provided with ample time to prepare. The client is to provide graphics. If graphics need to be created, this effects cost. A finished spot is typically ninety seconds to three minutes long. The client is allowed one round of “input edits." Multiple edits effect cost. The approved video is compressed to the format of client's choice (Quicktime, MP4, AVI, etc.) and then burned to a DVD for client. Client has full rights, Paul Rizzo retains marketing and promotion rights.

High definition DVDs for school plays and recitals are produced at $15 each with a twenty DVD minimum. The average length is an hour-and-a-quarter to two hours. The DVDs come with a printed label and archival snap case. The events are recorded with a two camera set up which allows for “cut away editing." This makes the video easier to watch, and captures more of the play or recital. If digital files can be provided for cast/ crew credits, they are incorporated into the finished video. (I no longer type credits. I've misspelled too many disappointed kid's names.) The majority of orders are pre-paid; students bring home an order form, and the enclosed payment gets to me via a teacher or parent coordinator. Orders maybe placed anytime, but DVDs are not forwarded until payment has been received. Cash or checks only at this point, but e-commerce will be coming to the site shortly. Scholarship videos are available upon institutional request. Client has full rights, Paul Rizzo retains marketing and promotion rights.

A college demo video is $250. The typical length is five to seven minutes. This entails recording two sporting events, or one theatrical presentation. The 'tightened' footage is submitted via a private Youtube link for client preview [and edit]. The preview video has embedded “timecode" which enables the client to choose their own highlights from the footage provided. An opening page is created based upon the information the client provides. Music beds can be added, but must be Youtube compatible. The client has full rights, Paul Rizzo retains marketing and promotion rights.

Most other videos are quoted on a per-project basis, but unless a video is more than two shoots, or requires the creation of graphics/elements, the price usually stays well under $500.

For the technically curious: my main camera is a JVC GY-HM100U; I have a couple lavaliere microphones, several shotgun mics, a digital field recorder for audio backup and sourcing; a portable 'cool' lighting rig with umbrellas and modifiers; a fluid head tripod with riser column, reflectors, clamps, stands, etc. Editing is done with Final Cut Pro 7 (FCP X has been downloaded, I just need a free day or two...) on a 24" iMac, Intel dual processor. Graphics are created on an ooooold version of Photoshop, but it works. My back up drive is 2TB, run nightly.

Get hold of me and let's make a video you can be proud of, at a price you can afford.